Vampire Haiku: A Quick Bite of Dracula

Inspired by my recent Working Title podcast with poet Hope Whitby and in honor of National Poetry Month, I thought I’d challenge myself to write some haikus this month.

But I need focus. What can I base these brief poems on? Vampires, certainly. Hmm. Guess I should start with Dracula. Warmer. Ah-ha! How about a haiku summarizing each chapter of the eponymous novel?

So that’s what I will be posted below. Each day I will add a haiku for the next chapter. Let’s see how it goes.

Vampire Haiku: A Quick Bite of Dracula

Chapter 1

Jonathan Harker
crosses Bistritz savoring
paprika hendl

Chapter 2

Icy hands greet Jon
but nicked neck brings him warning
too late, exits barred

Chapter 3

In the wrong/right room
three smiles welcome, hands caress.
Fangs skim his parched throat

Chapter 4

Bleak baying music.
Fiends devour innocence while
a childless mom mourns

Chapter 5

Lu loves excess, but
exes: Tex, Rx won’t do.
Oh, Art, I choose you

Chapter 6

Swales sings of souls lost.
Renfield’s flies-and-feathers feast.
Shambling, Lucy sleeps.

Chapter 7

Crucifix found clutched
by captain–dead, alone–on
ghost ship Demeter

Chapter 8

Dracula’s red eyes
twin the wounds on Lucy’s neck.
Don’t trouble mother.

Chapter 9

Wed in Buda-Pest
Jon recovers, Mina seals
his journal with wax

Chapter 10

Helsing’s transfusions
fail what ails Lucy, safe in
garlands of garlic

Chapter 11

Madness on the prowl.
Wolf runs pell-mell, shatters calm.
Renfield shivs Seward.

Chapter 12

Mother’s dead, maids sauced.
Quincey rides in, but too late.
Goodbye sweet Lucy.

Chapter 13

Godalming seeks clues.
Mina reads Jon’s diary.
Children lost, then found.

Chapter 14

Bloofer Lady treds
Hampstead Heath; evil rises
upending virtue

Chapter 15

Lady is Lucy?
Seward denies, appalled, but
her tomb stands empty

Chapter 16

Four men bear grim task:
To free Lucy’s soul to God,
they must stake her heart

Chapter 17

Fifty earth-filled crates,
where Count now dwells, right next door
to tempting Mina

Chapter 18

Renfield receives guests
and asks for release. Denied.
Time to take on Drac.

Chapter 19

Dirt boxes missing.
Renfield spurns Helsing’s pleas, while
Drac stalks Mina’s dreams.

Chapter 20

Harker finds the crates.
Doc finds Renfield blue, burdened,
then later, bloodied.

Chapter 21

Alarmed, the men race
to see Drac drink Mina’s blood,
and she swallow his.

Chapter 22

Sacred wafers cleanse
Drac’s earth; ‘Unclean!’ cries Mina,
her forehead branded

Chapter 23

The men lose the Count,
but under trance, Mina spies
he fled to the sea

Chapter 24

Pledged to destroy Drac,
the men plot sans Mina, who
insists she join them

Chapter 25

Mina fears her fate:
Should she change, she makes them vow
to end her unlife.

Chapter 26

Race to the castle:
Drac leads, but hunters close in
by train, boat, and horse

Chapter 27

Jon and Quincey slash
Dracula, who dies; his face
held ‘a look of peace’

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