Vampire Haiku: A Quick Bite of Dracula

Inspired by my recent Working Title podcast with poet Hope Whitby and in honor of National Poetry Month, I thought I’d challenge myself to write some haikus this month.

But I need focus. What can I base these brief poems on? Vampires, certainly. Hmm. Guess I should start with Dracula. Warmer. Ah-ha! How about a haiku summarizing each chapter of the eponymous novel?

So that’s what I will be posted below. Each day I will add a haiku for the next chapter. Let’s see how it goes.

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Interview with Poet Joanna Lee

Dissections by Joanna Lee
Dissections by Joanna Lee

For National Poetry Month, I invited poet Joanna Lee on episode 19 of Working Title podcast. We discuss what this time of the year means to her, as well as cover how to critique a poem, why an audience is vital to the creative process, is a poem ever really finished, and more. Continue reading “Interview with Poet Joanna Lee”