The Shadowless Book II Update

Hello dear reader!

Joy! Joy! The manuscript for Book II of The Shadowless vampire series was submitted to my editor. If all goes well, I am looking forward to a fall release.

Currently the word count is higher than Shadows Within–about 25% more in fact. I expect that number to come down after final revisions.

No title yet. I have a dozen ideas though.

A picture of the Shadowless Book II manuscript by J. P. Cane.

TBR Game Concept

Screenshot of game proof-of-concept showing the game board, tiles and player avatar.

I was recently inspired to create a simple game for the website. I have a proof of concept done, now it’s a matter of refining it.

In the game, you, the player, are a voracious reader with an ever-growing to-be-read pile. Books come at you with increasing speed. How many can you read before time runs out? Bonuses and penalties will make it more challenging. And fun!

Hanover Book Expo 2022 Follow up

I had a great time at the Hanover Book Expo. I liked catching up with fellow writers who I hadn’t seen for at least a year, as well as meeting (new to me) authors.

And as ever, I appreciate those who stop by my table, which, I think, looks great. See picture above. I used empty cardboard boxes to add dimension and display t-shirts I designed. Yes, my own limited-edition, from my brain, t-shirts!

Thanks to all who purchased copies of Shadows Within–in one instance, it was for a birthday gift (Happy Birthday, Sandy!).