Shadows Within Listed on The Book Designer

Shadows Within by J. P. Cane
Shadows Within by J. P. Cane

I’m forever playing catch up on my blog, so this is quite late, but I wanted to mention that the cover for my vampire novel Shadows Within is listed on The Book Designer website. Each month they publish ebook cover award winners and non-winners. My cover was in the latter category for the month of November 2017 (search the page for Shadows), but it did get the favorable comment, “The creepiness element has been carefully controlled, and creates a compelling image.”

New Year’s 2018

In my writing life, this past year, 2017, was phenomenal. The release of my debut vampire novel, Shadows Within, is a dream come true. I’m thrilled to hold it in my hands, and it’s even more gratifying to me that others are reading and enjoying it.

I looked at my New Year’s post from last year and I want to review it here as well as state some goals for this year. Continue reading “New Year’s 2018”

Interview with Heather Weidner

The Tulip Shirt Murders by Heather Weidner
The Tulip Shirt Murders by Heather Weidner

Cozy mysteries and crayon bullets — in episode 16 of Working Title podcast, I speak with Heather Weidner, author of the Delanie Fitzgerald mysteries.

We discuss tips on author branding, press kits, the importance of reader reviews, and more.


Recorded on December 17, 2017

Length: 53 minutes

Intro and outro music in the podcast is called, “The Strategy.”

Heather Weidner’s website: