Interview with Wendy DeGroat

Interview with Poet Wendy DeGroat

It’s National Poetry Month! In episode 31 of Working Title podcast, I chat with poet and librarian Wendy DeGroat.

In our discussion we cover one-on-one mentoring as an alternative to college courses; techniques in critiquing poetry; and the perks of being a librarian and how writers can develop a relationship with one.

Plus, Wendy reads two of her poems!

Recorded on: March 11, 2019

Length: 62 minutes

Intro and outro music in the podcast is called, “The Strategy.”

Wendy DeGroat’s website:

2 thoughts on “Interview with Wendy DeGroat”

  1. Josh, I enjoyed this interview very much. Full disclaimer, I am Wendy’s wife, so I am biased. But you did a great job of exploring her world as a poet, a reader of poetry, and a librarian. This is valuable for anyone who writes or reads poetry.

  2. Thank you for your comments, Annette. I hope the interview deepens listeners’ appreciation for poetry and perhaps inspires them to write their own.

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