Interview with Heather Weidner

The Tulip Shirt Murders by Heather Weidner
The Tulip Shirt Murders by Heather Weidner

Cozy mysteries and crayon bullets — in episode 16 of Working Title podcast, I speak with Heather Weidner, author of the Delanie Fitzgerald mysteries.

We discuss tips on author branding, press kits, the importance of reader reviews, and more.


Recorded on December 17, 2017

Length: 53 minutes

Intro and outro music in the podcast is called, “The Strategy.”

Heather Weidner’s website:

Interview with Sadeqa Johnson

Me with Sadeqa Johnson, author of And Then There Was Me
Me with Sadeqa Johnson, author of And Then There Was Me

In episode 9 of Working Title podcast, I chatted with Sadeqa Johnson, who not only is a teacher, motivational speaker, and author, she’s also from Philly (yay!). Her latest novel is And Then There Was Me. Continue reading “Interview with Sadeqa Johnson”

Interview with EM Kaplan

Author EM Kaplan
Author EM Kaplan

Joining me for episode 8 of Working Title podcast is indie author EM Kaplan. She is the creative mind behind two ongoing series – one she describes as an un-cozy mystery featuring food critic sleuth Josie Tucker, the other as high fantasy in Unmasked. Continue reading “Interview with EM Kaplan”

Ask Author EM Kaplan Your Questions via my Podcast

The Bride Wore Dead by EM Kaplan

UPDATE: I’ve recorded the podcast with EM Kaplan. Thank you to those who submitted questions. Check back for an opportunity to submit questions for the next podcast.

I’m going to try something new with my upcoming Working Title podcast — reader participation — kind of. For my next interview, I am asking readers to submit their questions below. When I record the podcast, I will ask my guest these questions and who asked them. (Example: “Reader Jane Smith asks, ‘Which of your characters do you most identify with?'”)

I pitched the idea to my guest and she’s game! Award-winning author EM Kaplan writes the Josie Tucker mystery series and Rise of the Masks fantasy series.

If you want me to ask her a question on your behalf, enter your name (or Twitter handle) and your question, below in the comments.

Note: Your comments here will not appear until after the recording — I don’t want to tip my hand yet. But I will see them and use them.