The Shadowless Book II Update

Hello dear reader!

Joy! Joy! The manuscript for Book II of The Shadowless vampire series was submitted to my editor. If all goes well, I am looking forward to a fall release.

Currently the word count is higher than Shadows Within–about 25% more in fact. I expect that number to come down after final revisions.

No title yet. I have a dozen ideas though.

A picture of the Shadowless Book II manuscript by J. P. Cane.

Ask Author EM Kaplan Your Questions via my Podcast

The Bride Wore Dead by EM Kaplan

UPDATE: I’ve recorded the podcast with EM Kaplan. Thank you to those who submitted questions. Check back for an opportunity to submit questions for the next podcast.

I’m going to try something new with my upcoming Working Title podcast — reader participation — kind of. For my next interview, I am asking readers to submit their questions below. When I record the podcast, I will ask my guest these questions and who asked them. (Example: “Reader Jane Smith asks, ‘Which of your characters do you most identify with?'”)

I pitched the idea to my guest and she’s game! Award-winning author EM Kaplan writes the Josie Tucker mystery series and Rise of the Masks fantasy series.

If you want me to ask her a question on your behalf, enter your name (or Twitter handle) and your question, below in the comments.

Note: Your comments here will not appear until after the recording — I don’t want to tip my hand yet. But I will see them and use them.