New Year’s 2018

In my writing life, this past year, 2017, was phenomenal. The release of my debut vampire novel, Shadows Within, is a dream come true. I’m thrilled to hold it in my hands, and it’s even more gratifying to me that others are reading and enjoying it.

I looked at my New Year’s post from last year and I want to review it here as well as state some goals for this year.

So last year’s list:

  • Revamping the website — not much success here. Still working on it!
  • Start a newsletter — Yes! I began The Scrapple, putting out flavorful, monthly content to my growing list of subscribers.
  • More active here on the site — Yes!
  • More podcasts — Yes! I now release a podcast every month, interviewing authors for their insights on the craft and business of writing.

For this year, I want to…

  • Complete the first draft of the second novel in my series, The Shadowless, work on revisions with my critique group, then polish it up with my editor.
  • Continue being active in James River Writers and supporting local authors. (The photo above is some of the books I had read this past year, many of which were written by Richmonders.)
  • I want to line up book events to help promote Shadows Within. Maybe get some reviews on other sites or printed pages.
  • Use my Working Title podcast to focus more on indie-publishing, sharing my experience in order to help other writers who may be on the same path.
  • Revamp the website — I really mean it this time!

What do you think? Suggestions and comments welcome!

2 thoughts on “New Year’s 2018”

  1. Do you recommend any of the books you have read?

    I think if you are updating your website you should make a space for all the cartoons you have included in your of. They are hilarious!

    Michelle Lundy (in case there are other Michelle’s in your life)

    1. While they are different from one another (teen, supernatural, mystery, poetry, family, post-apocalyptic), each is worthy of a read. That said, I was especially enchanted by The Mermaid’s Daughter by Ann Claycomb (would love to record a podcast with her) — it’s a great example of magical realism, plus opera.

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