Happy 2017

We made it!

Just some housekeeping to go over.

In my last post just at the beginning of NaNoWriMo, I had mentioned wanting to try out the technique for faster writing. I’ve not yet developed the disciple to follow it faithfully, but I would say it’s a good approach. As important as it is to write, it’s also important to take brief breaks from your writing. Let your mind shift to a lower gear or idle, so that when it’s time to write once more, it’s ready to rev up again.


  • Finish revamping this website. I am my own worst client. I’ve put off coding the new WordPress theme for too long. Time to get it done.
  • Start my newsletter. I have the pieces in place for one and there’s a form on the sidebar. But I’ve not made any effort to get subscribers. Hey — why not sign up while you’re reading this? Thank you.
  • Be more active in this space. I have seldom posted here, because I would rather wait till the new theme is ready, but that’s just an excuse to avoid posting.
  • More podcasts. Its great fun to chat with fellow writers for Working Title. I mark my last podcast with Padma Venkatraman as a positive turning point. That one was my first interview with someone whom I hadn’t met before and one that was recorded over Skype, rather than in person. Both Padma and myself were pleased with the result and it has boosted my confidence and expanded my opportunities.
  • I have tentative plans to interview author Lamar Giles. If you have suggestions for questions for me to ask him or suggestions for future podcasts, please comment on this post.
  • You can find me on Twitter (@jpcane), or in person at the James River Writers Writing Shows which kicks off the new year on Jan. 25 – the subject is Befriending the Editing Scissors.

Best wishes to your writing success in 2017!

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