Interview with Julie Valerie and Kristi Tuck Austin

In this episode of Working Title podcast, I interview, not one, not three, but two guests: Julie Valerie and Kristi Tuck Austin. Julie is the founder and Kristi sits on the editorial board of the 85k Writing Challenge. We discuss the Challenge and how it can help writers achieve success.

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Recorded on November 2, 2017

Length: 58 minutes

Intro and outro music in the podcast is called, “The Strategy.”

The 85k Writing Challenge website:

Julie Valerie on Twitter: @Julie_Valerie

Kristi Tuck Austin on Twitter: @KristiAustin

2 thoughts on “Interview with Julie Valerie and Kristi Tuck Austin”

  1. Thanks for covering the 85k challenge in this interview. I’d not heard of it before. I also appreciate you posting the 85k90 website link so I could check it out while lstening.

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