Interview with Padma Venkatraman

Me and author Padma Venkatraman
With author Padma Venkatraman

Author Padma Venkatraman joins me via Skype in Episode 5 of Working Title podcast. We discuss her novels, including the lovely, A Time to Dance. In our conversation, we cover classical forms of love, dance as spiritual expression, reading poetry to improve craft, and how to write faith with authenticity. Continue reading “Interview with Padma Venkatraman”

Interview with Lana Krumwiede

With author Lana Krumwiede
With author Lana Krumwiede

In this Working Title podcast I chat with author Lana Krumwiede about writing for middle grade readers, her collection of Certificates of Bravery (i.e., rejection letters), and the importance of world-building in any genre.

Continue reading “Interview with Lana Krumwiede”

Interview with Anne Westrick

Anne Westrick joins me in this episode of Working Title podcast. We talk about developing emotional connections to characters, avenues for researching subject matter, and crafting a winning query letter. Continue reading “Interview with Anne Westrick”