Interview with Anne Westrick

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Attended the Book Launch Party for Brotherhood by A.B. Westrick

Cover of the historical novel Brotherhood by A.B. Westrick.
Brotherhood by A.B. Westrick

I was looking forward to this event all summer: A.B. Westrick’s book launch party for her historical novel, Brotherhood.

The event was held at the Library of Virginia in Richmond. Perhaps 150 people packed the room. There was finger food and musicians played Civil War-era music. But of course the best part was when she got up to read from her book. She did not simply read  a scene, she conjured it with voices, gestures, and turns, all in a superb manner. I could have remained seated if she read the entire novel then and there.

The novel takes place in 1867 Richmond and centers on a family trying to find their way through the upheaval of war. The main character, 14-year-old Shadrach, joins a brotherhood that will become the Ku Klux Klan. As the brotherhood’s true motivations come to light, the young man must choose between loyalty and his conscience.

I purchased a copy and I hope you will do the same. And if you get the chance to attend a Westrick appearance, treat yourself!

Joshua Paul Cane with author AB Westrick and her novel "Brotherhood" inside the Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va.
With author AB Westrick and her novel “Brotherhood” inside the Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va.