Shadows Novel Updates 1

Item 1.

Tonight I am planning to complete revisions to a chapter that is comprised of scenes in which the reader meets Michael, a live-for-the-moment conman who charms a couple of women. The first scene is with a young shop owner (the second with an elderly socialite). In the earlier draft, by the end of Michael’s encounter with the shop owner I had hinted  that he would take a bit of her blood. After feedback from the critique group, my revisions now include showing the reader Michael’s seduction of her and the blood-drinking. It’s an opportunity to convey to the reader what that experience is like for a vampire in this world.

Then I’ll submit the chapter this week for feedback and see if I hit the mark.

Item 2.

An ongoing difficulty for me is finding comparable novels. I know comp titles are important in pitches, but it has been a struggle to find ones that I believe are similar. So I am touching up select chapters for the purpose of sharing them with a new reader. He will hopefully be able to come up with at least one for me. His own novel has debuted very recently, but he assures me he has time to help.


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