Re-writing New Paths

For the past few evenings, just before bed, I’ve been easily filling handwritten pages of my novel in my spiral notebook.

For the past few evenings, just before bed, I’ve been easily filling handwritten pages of my novel in my spiral notebook. I’m finding that when I come to a point where a scene or a chapter isn’t quite to my liking, rather than tweak it here or there, I start from scratch. So I’ve been doing lately and discovering there is more momentum and focus than prior drafts. I am making a point not refer to what I’ve written already. 

I write as if for the first time. This frees me to go down different paths and find better phrasing or dialogue.

In this recent case, I begin the rewritten chapter from a different point in time. I’m writing a few minutes earlier, still beginning with action, but with more details that will pay off later. The perspective remains the same, but it’s close-up now, perhaps claustrophobic for a time. I think it’s working well so far.

What are some techniques you use to overcome re-write fatigue?

2 thoughts on “Re-writing New Paths”

  1. I don’t write prose anymore, but I do write code, and when I lose something or scrap a class or module and have to start from scratch, my technique is to recite a mantra. Yup, a mantra:

    “Things are always better the second time.”

    Anytime a negative thought (for example, exhaustion) comes up, I just repeat that before the thought is fully-formed. It helps that I /know/ it’s true. : )

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is a good mantra. Repetition in writing and coding can in many cases be viewed as time well spent, not time wasted. You’re sharpening your skills and enhancing recall.

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