One Degree of Wolverine

Apropos of nothing: The Marvel Comics character Wolverine is the super Kevin Bacon of comic books.

Apropos of nothing: The Marvel Comics character Wolverine is the super Kevin Bacon of comic books.  He’s one degree from just about every character in the Marvel Universe. If the Smurfs were a Marvel property, he’d be in a one-shot carving up Azrael into kitty bits and slicing Gargamel down to three apples high.

Wolverine is a great character and little wonder every writer wants to put him in their stories. He’s a fiercely loyal friend, a man of adamantine principles and, like a Terminator complete with metal endoskeleton, cannot be put down for long. His unmentioned mutant power appears to be ubiquity. He’s everywhere.

I remember when there was Blue and Gold X-men teams/titles and he was on/in both. As I recall one team would be downed in Antartica and the other landing in Genosha. Wolverine was in both places saving everyone. I exaggerate, I suppose, but not by much.

What’s the point? If there is one, it’s that despite his overexposure, he is still a much beloved comic book character. It’s remarkable and kudos to creator Len Wein and the many talented writers who keep the character fresh.

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