My First Query Rejection

Yesterday, I received my first query letter rejection (my only query thus far) from the agent I wrote to at the end of last year. Given that I thought I might not hear back at all (I’ve heard that agents are dealing with so many queries that some agents, unprofessional agents in my opinion, do not ever respond), I was gratified to find the agent’s email in my inbox.

Though I am disappointed with the agent’s decision not to go forward, I thought the agent’s response was kind, personal, encouraging, and helpful. This was not a brief formal blow-off. Rather it opened warmly and went to the strong points of my submission before informing me as to why the agent had to pass on it.

A green light from this agent would have continued a remarkable trajectory since last October, but alas, it is not to be.

Undaunted, I will find others to query while refining the work as well as start the second book.

Do you have any rejection stories to share?

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