Interview with Rosemary Rawlins

Working Title podcast with Rosemary Rawlins
Learning by Accident by Rosemary Rawlins
Learning by Accident by Rosemary Rawlins

Whether it’s reading at an author event, speaking  at a conference, or taking questions as a panelist, chances are authors will find –let’s say– opportunities, for public speaking. For many authors, myself included, the thought of getting in front of an audience is daunting.

Luckily I have help. Joining me on episode 20 of the podcast, author and professional talker, Rosemary Rawlins, will set us at ease, turning what may be a challenge in to an opportunity to engage our readers and peers. We discuss all things public speaking, finding venues, tips on preparing and giving your talk, contracts, compensation and more.


Recorded on March 22, 2018

Length: 40 mins.

Intro and outro music in the podcast is called, “The Strategy.”

Rosemary Rawlin’s website:

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