Generally What the Novel Is About

As I await word from the critique group on the novel, I’ll share what it’s about. I won’t get into the specifics of the novel as I’ll save that for posts concerning the query letter I am now working on.

It’s about characters, most of whom are vampires, set in the real world, which is largely unaware of their true existence. What I’m attempting to do with the story (the first in a series, I hope) is get back to the fundamentals of the genre and go my own way. Vampires for adults (adult in mature themes, not explicit scenes), as I phrase it these days.

Since childhood, I have read countless vampire novels and only enjoyed a handful. (Lately, I’m finding better stories in the short fiction form.) Generally, so many seem to miss great opportunities to explore this powerful literary figure, the vampire. In future posts, I’ll cover more on the specific elements I take issue with.

So I’m writing stories for myself that I hope will appeal to many. Among the things I am exploring is how becoming a vampire changes a person and how it affects those around him or her. In my story vampires had chosen their new existence rather than been forced into it. For me a price must be paid, so what did each of the characters lose in becoming undead? What was worth their humanity? Did they get what they want or not?

Do you read vampires novels and if so, which ones did you most enjoy and why? Mine are here.

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