Should I Return to a New Season of Heroes?

I’m ambivalent about watching another season of Heroes.

I’m ambivalent about watching another season of Heroes. I was unable to watch the season premiere  tonight due to being out for the evening.

The show had started with such promise. It was very exciting with often delightful turns and poignant or funny moments. Everything seemed possible with staggering twists that made this viewer believe any of the characters might die. But in the subsequent seasons, the show has become imaginative only in maintaining the status quo. Each season ends as it began, with the main characters trying to live ordinary lives, but inevitably drawn into the path of the Company or Sylar. It’s like they’re riding stationary bicycles beside those large drums with scenes painted on them. They just come around again and they go no where.  And there is no direction that I can discern.

And everything is too precious. It reminds me of my own writing woes: Something has to give, but you *love* this scene or this character or this subplot. It has to go for the sake of a good story. For tightness, for clarity, for credibility. I can’t follow the threads anymore. Who am I rooting for? What are they after? What does it all matter?

Still, the show has wonderful dynamics that are portrayed with such a superb cast. I would love to see more moments of innocence and  joy that is Hiro and Ando, and the compelling family drama of the Bennett family.

Have you seen Heroes? What are your thoughts?