Support Your Local Author

This section of my website is aimed at helping fellow writers in their process, in my own modest way.

We often can get caught up in promoting ourselves or our work — which is essential, mind you — but we neglect to support our fellow talented authors.

My initial idea is as follows: Each Sunday I pick a Twitter follower and make an effort that week to help him or her. Perhaps it’s adding to their voice in social media; or reading and commenting on their blog or short work; or write a review; or purchase their book (I will need to be highly selective on this last bit due to financial and leisure time limitations).

I encourage you to do likewise. Seek out writers in your neighborhood or region, attend or setup writer gatherings, reach out via the internet (social media, listservs, websites). Share tips, feedback, beer, whatever, to make one another better writers, more read writers.

Share your suggestions with me here or do something similar on your own site.

We’re better together!

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