Finished The Road to Serfdom

Just as I’m finishing F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, I came across this masterful music video titled, “Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two.”

Back to the book, it amazes me that the essays were written during World War II and not today. Passage after passage speaks to current events.  This one for instance, in the chapter, “The Prospects of International Order,” echoes how many in the European Union may regard the debt crisis in Greece, Spain and Portugal:

Who imagines that there exist any common ideals of distributive justice such as will make the Norwegian fisherman consent to forgo the prospect of economic improvement in order to help his Portuguese fellow, or the Dutch worker to pay more for his bicycle to help the Coventry mechanic, or the French peasant to pay more taxes to assist the industrialization of Italy?

In reading Hayek, I found greater appreciation for other books I have read (like Atlas Shrugged — the transformation of 20th Century Motors, specifically) as well as a better understanding of the differences between liberalism and collectivism.