Thank you Steve of Fountain Books

Easily the best vampire and horror novel I can recall reading.

I recently finished Let the Right One In, by John Lindqvist, recommended by Steve of Fountain Books. Easily the best vampire and horror novel I can recall reading. The story gripped me up to the final pages. Though it’s been adapted for the screen by the author, I do not wish to see the movie version. The gruesome scenes were vivid enough on the page.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

First Impressions of WordPress

It’s very easy to get started with the WordPress blogging platform. I can’t compare it to Blogger or others as I’ve not tried those yet. I’ll be sure to comment later when I do.

One recommendation to WordPress developers: on the initial sign-up screen where a username is to be provided, please have the field run a check to see if the username is already being used by another. You don’t find out until you’ve submitted the form. Just a quibble.

Once you’re signed up, it’s very inuitive, at least for me, to add, edit and remove posts and the other basic tools of blogging. And choosing among different templates/designs is easy. I’ve not explored customizing them or creating your own from scratch.

Now on WordPress

I’ve set up a Wordpress blog account today.

I’ve set up a WordPress blog account today and copied my own blog posts here. So all posts prior to this one are copies of those found on my own website. I’ve matched the dates as well. I’ll maintain the blog both here and there for a bit, but soon will post in one place and feed it to the other.

FML Submitted

Today I triple-checked my manuscript of Full Moon Lament…

Today I triple-checked my manuscript of Full Moon Lament for any spelling, grammer or punctuation mistakes, then added the cover page, and stuck them into a manilla envelope along with a SASE and note. Went to the Post Office and mailed my first submission off to Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine. Here’s hoping the editor is as pleased with it as the writing group.