First Complete Draft of the Novel Is Done!

It has finally happened! I have a complete first draft of my novel today. Now I entrust it to my critique group. Hopefully when we meet next month the faults they find are reparable!

From their earlier critiques on portions they had read, they suggested structural changes to improve the flow. That was addressed among others.

While they’re on task, I still need to research a bit more to ensure details are accurate. My biggest concern at the moment is book length. I’m striving for novel-length, but my word count is shy of the threshold of 80,000. I’m sure the feedback will provide ideas for addressing that.

As to what the novel is about, I will discuss that in future posts.

My Dell Inspiron 15R

I recently ordered and I am now enjoying my Dell Inspiron 15R laptop. I had been in the market for  a latop for some time now (my first and only other laptop still has Windows 95 on it — so, let’s say it underperforms for my needs). I made a list of must-haves then looked at different manufacturers and models for the right fit.

I knew a 15-inch screen was a prerequisite as well as 4G RAM and a speedy processor. I had purchased desktops from Dell before and when I had found the 15R came in at the price point I wanted while also matching up with my list, I knew it was right for me.

The screen is gorgeous, the touchpad is capacious and the speed fabulous. I like the feel of the touchpad and that the keyword has a dedicated numeric pad. The island-style keys is new for me, but I took to it in no time.

What I have noticed the absence of when using the15R is heat. The machine runs comfortably cool, even after hours of continuous use. It is also quiet. Battery life is close to 6 hours, I believe, though I have not run it that long.

The machine has HDMI and Bluetooth, though I have not had use for either yet. 

All in all, a great package. I cannot think of what could be added to make it better for the price. I highly recommend it.