My Newsletter is About to Debut

One of the goals I had outlined at the beginning of 2017 (see post Happy 2017) was to start a newsletter.

Serendipitously, the February Writing Show put on by James River Writers was about — newsletters! Not only were each of the panelists informative and inspiring, there was also an opportunity for members of the audience to build their newsletter lists right there. Clipboards with sign-up sheets arrayed a table near the stage. You simply fill in the top portion with your newsletter information and then stand aside as others added their names and email addresses.

The newsletter I have in mind will be sent out about once a month. Inside will be content for writers and readers, news on the progress of my book, and exclusive content. I definitely want to help promote fellow writers and literary events. All of this in good fun and humor.

I’ve called it, The Scrapple, and it’s about to debut. If you are interested, please sign-up below or on the sidebar! And thank you in advance.

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