Moderating at the 2015 JRW Conference

I had to triple-check that my name does in fact appear on the list of panels for the 2015 James River Writers conference. It’s an honor to be moderated, er, to be a moderator.

2015 JRW Conference

First, if you haven’t signed up to attend this awesome writers conference, you can fix that by visiting the JRW Conference page and register.

The panel I will be moderating is called, “Creating Memorable Characters: Writing the Characters Readers Hold in the Hearts.” (View more of the aforesaid list of conference sessions.) Though the roster of panelists can change even moments before the discussion begins, the current participants are Stacy Hawkins Adams, Bruce Holsinger, Amy Sue Nathan, and Kristina Wright.

I had previously moderated the April Writing Show, and I am thrilled (and nervous) for the opportunity at the annual conference.

What would you ask the esteemed panelists? Who are your favorite literary characters?

Hope to see you at the conference!


Read the follow up post on the panel.

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